04 Mar

The Grooming Station at St Pancras.

St Pancras station is flanked by Swanky floor to ceiling glass fronted shops and a international melting pot of accents and travellers. But let me draw your eye to a cheeky Men’s pop-up grooming station near the base of one of the escalators. Consider allowing yourself an additional 1-15 minutes for a variety of speedy top to toe services and free consultations. Also, if you are planning to escape work early, or make the most ofRead More

12 Feb

A guys guide to beat the heat.

In this heat, looking cool is definitely easier than staying cool. Forget this season’s ‘hot must have’ and make sure you don’t become the victim of a stifling, sweaty and dripping crowded underground carriage. A few simple intelligent styling tips can make a positive difference in your daily cool down routine, and my guys guide will ensure you beat the heat.

Sweat Control:
Adding a vest under a shirt may seem a little old fashioned and possibly ironic – making yourself a little hotter under the collar – but it’s the perfect moisture absorber solution. TheRead More