07 Mar

A guide on how to shop for clothes

Men are from Mars, and Women from Venius.
Men are from Mars, and Women from Venius.

My 20 years of experience has led me to agree that men really are from Mars, and women from Venus.. and in the glittery world of fashion there is no exceptions! Women generally power browse all day and return to the first spoils. Men generally shop with a sharp hunter focus. Disposing of the 10th try on women will exclaim they have nothing to wear, whilst men will scratch and sniff a favourite ‘pulling’ top to check there’s one more nights’s wear before a boil wash. Men..? Men don’t have ‘hormonal fat days’. They are either fat or not! This is a backdrop many of us can relate to. Our wardrobes are fit to burst with 70% of clothes we don’t even wear. So here’s some basic traffic light advice to guide you through the intelligent practise of purge before you purchase.

RED: Preparation..preparation..preparation. Purge before you purchase. Rinse out your wardrobe of redundant items, and top up on the feel good factor by donating them to local charity.

AMBER: A cleansed space will bring about a clarity of mind, and wardrobe gaps will be more evident. Create a list of needs and likes and missing wardrobe essentials.

GREEN: Armed with your list, research and shop intelligently. Classics have a longer wearability than high fashion, and a savvy shopper will only buy necessary items to rejuvenate style.

Happy intelligent shopping!