10 Feb

A guys guide on how-to be a lingerie Hero.

Want to be a lingerie Hero?? Who doesn’t??

I’m a London based celebrity fashion stylist with over 20 year experience.I’ve compiled my intelligent styling know how and created the ultimate guys guide on how-to be a lingerie hero! Read on and learn some of my simple techniques to make you a savvy shopper.





But first; A Breast is Best newsflash..

Mother Nature loves variety, and no 2 pairs of boobs are the same!




















A bra doesn’t just stop them from flopping. They have a few noteworthy functions. They push-up (maximise) hold down (Minimise) they can lift and separate. They have multiway straps, are also strapless, padded, gel filled and underwired. The bra is a foundation garment and the right size can can literally uplift a woman’s confidence. However it’s fact that only 1 in 4 women actually wear the right size. Check out The Bra Guide below and see the variety of common bra types available.


Here’s a simple 5 step guide on how to get an accurate DIY measurement. It’s good bankable intel!!  There’s a multitude of ways to get it right and wrong! Don’t worry to much about this but it is an ace card to play one day! A bra size consists of 2 measurement. (1) A 360 measurement taken just above the rib cage where the bra sits, and are numerical 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. The wider the back the higher the number. (2) The cup size measurement is taken where the boobs sit and are referred to in letters.. e.g.. A, B, C ,D.. etc.. the bigger the boobs the further on up the alphabet!   


That’s the science bit.. now for the obvious practicalities! Stop..Get set.. Go!

Red – stop!!
Do your research before you head out.
Check the ‘lady drawers’ and make a note of the following:

1. Common back size number.
2. Common cup size letter.
3. Common style (check with the guide above)
4. Common fabric textures (lace, smooth etc)
5. Common brands worn.

Make a note in your phone and photograph a few you think are her favourites.. it will definitely help when you try to explain to a lingerie assistant what you are looking for..

Amber – Get set.

You are set with the basic knowledge required to buy the right size. In my experience different brands suit different boob shape and age.. so research where to go and buy the brands you have made a note of. My advice is head to a leading department store like Debenhams, John Lewis or House of Fraser for a good selection to suit all pockets. Have an idea on how much you’d like to spend.. undies don’t come cheap!! And if you are still unsure.. lord knows how.. you can always seek friends advice. Especially the ones you trust to give good guidance. There are also some good online retailer worth checking out.

Green – you are good to go:



Don’t mumble or fumble around.
Don’t ask the assistant to try stuff on.. that’s very wrong!!
Don’t be overwhelmed by the choice.. be warned… there’s a mountain to climb!!
Don’t be afraid to seek out advice!!

Confidently browse and be inspired.
Tell assistant the measurements, styles and colours that you are interested in.
They are used to guys shopping as much as used to refunding bad lingerie purchased!



I hope you found this guy’s guide useful.
It really is simple when you know how!!
And now you are armed with the how-to make an intelligent Styling purchase and be a lingerie hero. Please don’t forget to share my advice, and post a comment to let me know how you get on.

More posts coming soon. In the mean time check out and follow my socials for updates of a celebrity fashion stylist.