12 Feb

guys and girls style guide

imageimageimageWhen I style I have to consider that mainstream fashion isn’t always suitable for mainstream everyday people like you or I. And where a headline says must have, I often think for who?? Who is seriously going to be wearing that on the school run, lunch date, return to work.. or even to turn heads for the right reasons!

Hopefully.. This evening I have married up some intelligent styling and wearable fashion to inspire.

Boho: Ella
A Q I get regularly.
How to do it without looking like a poor version of Sienna Miller
Key: Simplicity and build on it
Vintage inspire lace dress
Nothing says Boho more than old looking lace!
On trend Gucci sheer paneling
Added Small details that nod to 70s

Print: Vera
All or nothing
Key to avoid looking like a cheap version of Rhianna?
Key: simplicity: find a shape that suits you
I’ve chosen a simple shirt dress spired by Burbery/Dior
The shirt dress is a Sophisticated shape but the print gives it the fashion edge

Colour pop: Lydia
Q:Am I too old to wear bright and bold colours?
Key is to be strategic in your colour pop application
Timeless pencil skirt/ curve friendly workwear of choice
Toned it down with darker top

The men in your life may not have the freedom of expression in their attire as I am fortunate enough to have.. Nevertheless.. I have put together some evolutionary work and play wear.

Needless to say, festival season is upon us
Q: Never been to a festival! how can I look festival, with out looking comedy?
The key if in doubt go grunge
Tie dye vest
Shorts.. And waterproof bomber!

Boys in bloom:
All high street is heavy in bloom
Q: avoid looking feminine
Key: if in doubt, choose darker floral tones
For maximum masculinity Mix with monochrome
I haven’t!
I have fully subscribed to flower power and stuck to matchy matchy

Summer Evolution.. Where suits just got shorter!
If work wear allows shorts, then this look is a winner :
As Blue is the summer cool hue, it would be rude not to be inspired by it.
Q: In fairness, I’ve not had many ask about this sort of look.
Key: to excelling pick up a few matching short suits..
Mix n Mach/versatile jet set looking wardrobe
For the cherry/icing/cake.. Matchy Matchy your shades with the outfit colour.