12 Feb

A guys guide to beat the heat.

In this heat, looking cool is definitely easier than staying cool. Forget this season’s ‘hot must have’ and make sure you don’t become the victim of a stifling, sweaty and dripping crowded underground carriage. A few simple intelligent styling tips can make a positive difference in your daily cool down routine, and my guys guide will ensure you beat the heat.

Sweat Control:
Adding a vest under a shirt may seem a little old fashioned and possibly ironic – making yourself a little hotter under the collar – but it’s the perfect moisture absorber solution. The Cool&Fresh vests at M&S or AIRism vests at Uniqlo are a couple of retailers that are developing design specific material to react favourably with body heat. Not to be confused with the sporting ‘sweat vest’ designed specifically to make you sweat!

In addition yo your bottle of water, always carry something simple and practical like a good old fashioned (clean) hankie to mop up a moist brow. Most retailers who sell suits like House of Fraser, Debenhams, Burtons, Boohoo will sell them in different colours. Stick to 100% cotton if you can

There are some sweat focus solutions that extend beyond the wardrobe and definitely worth adding to your Summer stay fresh routine.

  1. Be shower fresh and turn the water temp down a few degrees during hotter weather.
  2. Use stronger antiperspirant, and maybe consider on over the counter clinical strength one. In spite of clever marketing some really do let you down. So break the creature of habit with in you and reach out for a few alternatives.
  3. John Lewis sell a clever pre laundry spray called Deo-go. Is is strong on tackling underarm stains on clothes. My advice is to use it regularly and not wait for armpit build up!
  4. There are these amazing under arm sweat absorbers called ‘Dress Shields’. No-brainer! There’s a ton online, but I buy the fabric ones from Maccullock & Wallis (size 3 is the largest). You can either sew them in permanently or use a popper to fix and remove. It does require sewing skills or knowing someone who has them.

Reducing as much synthetic content in clothing as is possible is by far my best advice. The more synthetic content there is, the more you’ll sweat. Look at the fabric label for polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, acetate, spandex, latex and Kevlar etc. All of which are man made and won’t help you to keep your cool! I know it’s a faff to read a label but there’s is no quick fix. You’ll be shocked at the percentage of man made material in every thing from pants and socks to top layers and tailoring!