07 Mar

A guide on how to shop for clothes

My 20 years of experience has led me to agree that men really are from Mars, and women from Venus.. and in the glittery world of fashion there is no exceptions! Women generally power browse all day and return to the first spoils. Men generally shop with a sharp hunter focus. Disposing of the 10th try on women will exclaim they have nothing to wear,Read More

04 Mar

The Grooming Station at St Pancras.

St Pancras station is flanked by Swanky floor to ceiling glass fronted shops and a international melting pot of accents and travellers. But let me draw your eye to a cheeky Men’s pop-up grooming station near the base of one of the escalators. Consider allowing yourself an additional 1-15 minutes for a variety of speedy top to toe services and free consultations. Also, if you are planning to escape work early, or make the most ofRead More